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Relax. And Organize.

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Would you like to:

•    Make your kitchen, work room or living room fun,

pleasant, creative -and functional?

•    Unclutter your space and your life?

I'm a Professional Organizer who works in homes,

home businesses and also small businesses.

I help you think outside of the box to get something into the box.


I collaborate with you to find comfortable, affordable solutions for your challenges. We'll create accessible spaces you can enjoy for your work, hobbies, games, art collections, your pots and pans or your toner cartridges, outstanding invoices and product samples. We'll be organizing your closets, your files, your clothes, you name it! I've worked in every room in a home, attic to basement, garage, shed, storage units, and even a horse barn.

Why do you have so much trouble doing this yourself?

There can be many reasons.  I wish everyone considering getting help from an

organizer understood that it is nothing to be ashamed about or embarrassed by.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

When you need help organizing, most often you simply need help discovering

what systems will work for you.  I can guide you to that discovery and coach you

through to a completed project.

        •    Many of my clients lack skills to structure their surroundings -

their closets, bookshelves, desktops.  They weren't always taught how to organize themselves.

        •    Others have the ability and knowledge, but events such as illness, work transitions, or changes in family cause them to fall behind.

        •    Some cannot find a starting point, or prefer company while they create their systems, or cannot find the tools they need to accomplish their goals.

I help you gain the education and resources you need to get organized and keep yourself organized even as your circumstances evolve over your lifetime.  The results will never be perfect, but they will be effective and satisfying.

I want you to laugh during this adventure.

Call me at 425-947-3976 or email me at for a free 1-hour walk-through and discover what we can unclutter together.