12 Brilliant Organizing Tips for Your Home is my curated first, an online article produced by Redfin, published January 13, 2021 and compiled by Julia Weaver, which I participated in by invitation. I’m above the fold, tip #3 – yay! Ms. Weaver has a way with words, and she’s a great editor – I was waaaaay chattier… And she picked all the pretty photos!

“As a homeowner, it’s common to accumulate stuff over the years and not realize it until your home is in disarray. If you’re ready to take a step towards organizing and decluttering your home, there is no better time than now.

No one is born organized. It takes time to cultivate healthy routines and habits, and commit to staying organized each day. And even if you believe you’re a disorganized person, you can create meaningful habits and easy routines to help you stay organized. I, along with other expert, from Miami to those living in Sacramento, were asked by Redfin to share our best tip on how to organize and declutter so your home will be back to looking its best in no time. Check out what I had to say!”….12 Brilliant Organizing Tips for Your Home


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