Cute kitten standing up and handing a red rose to a large Mastiff breed dog

Working with six cats underfoot. A new “client” dog begins the day terrified of me, and that same sweet girl asks to sit in my lap by the end of the day. Being taught about the Bullet Journal by a client. A client who proclaims, the minute I walk in the house, “You need a haircut.” Being taught to say “I like this, I liked this, now someone else can.” by a client. The client who’s talking to a friend and explaining that “she doesn’t actually dread me coming over.” Many many donations to Homeward Pet, Woodinville, WA, USA. Getting to know a number of the donation reception clerks at the Goodwills in Woodinville, WA, USA 120th Ave NE Kirkland, Kirkland, WA, USA and Juanita Kirkland, Kirkland, WA, USA by sight. Getting a tearful call “I don’t think I need you anymore.” Clients tolerating me leaving behind my coat, again and again and again (blasted confusing Pacific Northwest weather). Driving to so many beautiful places, with so many perfect houses (NYC kid DOESN’T like to drive!). Stories and stories and more stories and laughter. Thank all of you.

About Lauren Williams

Me, Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer®: I'm a professional organizer who works in homes, home businesses and also small businesses. I'm a NYC native who's spent time in Philadelphia, Palo Alto, Baltimore and now Seattle. All great places, but NYC will always be home, and Seattle will be where I now stay. I help you think outside of the box to get something into the box.