ADHD Palooza for Women and Parents

Annual Online Conferences on ADHD for Women and Parents

For Women

Much-needed topics such as “ADHD Stages: Midlife and Menopause, “ADHD + Addictions: How They Intersect,” and “Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria & ADHD – Are You Really Too Sensitive?” 30 presentations!

For Parents

“Managing Anxiety and Frustration,” “When the Parent has ADHD, Too” and “What Your ADHD Kids Want You to Know.” 30 Presentations!

by well-regarded experts such as Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D. and Ned Hallowell

in a 24/7/365 format for the night owls and the “HOW DO I FIND AN HOUR?” Moms and Dads.

Man wearing blindfold

THESE ARE GREAT!!!  Many thanks to my NAPO colleague Debbie Ginsberg of  Uncluttered Domain – West Hempstead, Long Island (my family’s all on the Island, small world) – for alerting NAPO members to this resource through our private Facebook group. The power of community!!!!

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