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NAPO Seattle Area Chapter Day of Service 6-15-2019

Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center Show Ribbons

OHMIGOSH we had a great day!!!!! Eleven of us, quite possibly a record number for a Day of Service, from NAPO Seattle Area Chapter converged on Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center to set its Development storage room to rights. Five hours later, it was unrecognizable. In a good way.   The ribbons may have been…

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Mary Jane Maffini – fiction takes my fancy

Charlotte Adams, the amateur detective in a series of five novels by Mary Jane Maffini, is a highly accomplished Professional Organizer (for real: the tips in the books are, some of them, quite good and she has awesome “technique.”). She even belongs to my professional society NAPO (page 146, The Cluttered Corpse). She is otherwise…

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Self-Punishment, and no crime

Some of my travels as I wear my Casual Uncluttering LLC hat* involve trips during which I meet potential clients for an hour or so, in the space(s) we’ll be working, before we decide to partner. A visit is one of my tools for confirming that I’ll bring the right skills and resources to a…

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day allows Americans to honor and mourn our fallen military personnel. Veterans Day encourages Americans to express admiration, respect and gratitude to our living service members. I celebrate Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). CCI pairs assistance dogs with wounded veterans to offer those heroes increased independence and boundless emotional support. I am certain that…

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Casual Uncluttering’s Guilty Secret – Salvage Yards

It doesn’t entirely suit for the owner of Casual Uncluttering, a Certified Professional Organizer(R), to be able to spend hours and hours in architectural salvage yards. Because architectural salvage yards are exactly the kind of toy chest where you find many many baubles to bring home, whether you have space for them or not. I…

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Mission: Organization – the book

Mission Organization HGTV show book

Library thrift shop find. Had to. Overcome by the onslaught of nostalgia. The TV show Mission: Organization kept me company when I was home with my then-newborn son.  The startling and pleasing surprise is that the book hasn’t aged. Despite its 2004 publication date, the home decor was timeless, although I wouldn’t want to set…

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Cash and Community

dragon incense holder

I’m in the middle of a calm decluttering. Calm because it’s entirely voluntary. I’m conducting it strictly at my chosen pace. It’s catching me some cash: I’m letting go of things by selling them on Facebook Marketplace. If something doesn’t sell on Marketplace, I’ll experiment with OfferUp, Nextdoor, letgo and similar. I want to know how those…

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The Myth of Multitasking by Dave Crenshaw

I think ANYONE could read The Myth of Multitasking by Dave Crenshaw in about 30 minutes  if s/he didn’t switchtask while doing it. You expected me to say “multitask,” din ya? Crenshaw explains that people don’t multitask, juggle more than one chore at a time: they switchtask, shifting their attention from action to action to…

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