And I was ready to give it my all for TWIF, The World is Fun, which pairs volunteers and service agencies. Kinda like online dating, with CLOUT – TWIF, in its 10 years, has generated $1.8M in hours to its partners. TWIF lists events which over 135 non-profits hold as fundraising or community opportunities, from helping kids learn math with Zeno, to chopping the onions with FareStart.

TWIF’s Galentine’s Day Bingo Soiree was a fundraiser on its own behalf – macarons, chances to meet new people. And a game involving nothing but dumb luck – NO skill, and stamps that can never be allowed in the hands of toddlers. Not nearly the same thrill as Safeway Monopoly, worrying over the glue, perfecting my shopping schedule and lists. I did find the hiccuping ball machine very amusing. Can you tell I’d never played before? Stretched myself a little past old-rubber-band. My only previous exposure – passing the open air tents at State Fairs, hearing the barkers call numbers. That’s skill!

The most amazing aspect of TWIF? No paid staff. Awe-inspiring dedication. Bingo card


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