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I'm giving myself permission to refuse to write every day - too much pressure!!! I'd never enjoy writing again, and I'd bet my audience would start making comparisons between me and a mosquito. I'm told I have a good sense of humor - I know I enjoy finding ways to laugh and to get other people to laugh. Don't take any of it too seriously, except of course the serious stuff. And, after all, everything is about our stuff.  

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Grief, Loss and Cluttering

By Lauren Williams | February 5, 2021 | Comments Off on Grief, Loss and Cluttering

Wendy Sloneker, Grief Recovery Specialist® generously wrote this gentle, reassuring and informative essay for me after I remarked to her during a networking event that many of my clients are impacted by grief. I would never have known that so many variants of this emotion existed without Wendy sharing her expertise.   Thoughts on making…

Throw Out Fifty Things

By Lauren Williams | January 31, 2021 | Comments Off on Throw Out Fifty Things

I attended a conference on hoarding disorder yesterday, 1/30/2021. Some of the materials reminded me of this book: Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life, authored by Gail Blanke and published in 2009. Ms. Blanke, from her book cover, is “a world-class motivator, a former columnist for Real Simple magazine, and the…

Shut Up Already and Buy

By Lauren Williams | January 30, 2021 | Comments Off on Shut Up Already and Buy

Joe Average quietly walked into his house of worship and began to pray: “Creator, I’ve been a supportive, gentle and loving husband, a creative, playful, good father all my life. I want to win the lottery. It would just be so great. Creator, I’ve never asked You for anything. Please, let me win the lottery.”…

Battered and gun-metal grey

By Lauren Williams | January 21, 2021 | Comments Off on Battered and gun-metal grey

I have a story of partnering with a client in her art room, which doubled as her file room. Magnificent space: her art on the walls, friends’ and family’s creations everywhere. Everything in its place, and a place for everything, supplies precisely at the ready in splendid wood cases to support inspiration. Her files, in…

door knobs

Mood knobs

By Lauren Williams | January 17, 2021 | Comments Off on Mood knobs

To this very day, you can buy mood rings on Amazon, eBay and Etsy. I don’t wear rings. Mood knobs it will be. I’ve just gotten a small, inexpensive Ikea kitchen cart, finally going to really truly configure my kitchen for functionality, 11 years after moving in (Readers, you are allowed an eye roll here.…

12 Brilliant Organizing Tips for Your Home – a curated first

By Lauren Williams | January 14, 2021 | Comments Off on 12 Brilliant Organizing Tips for Your Home – a curated first

12 Brilliant Organizing Tips for Your Home is my curated first, an online article produced by Redfin, published January 13, 2021 and compiled by Julia Weaver, which I participated in by invitation. I’m above the fold, tip #3 – yay! Ms. Weaver has a way with words, and she’s a great editor – I was…

Sound and the Power of Connection

By Lauren Williams | January 8, 2021 | Comments Off on Sound and the Power of Connection

Sound may grant the ultimate power of connection to us. Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of Miami have compiled promising data that a routine hearing test administered to newborns may allow doctors to accurately screen those newborns for autism. In other words, there is more evidence that how children hear reflects how…

NAPO Stamp of Approval

By Lauren Williams | January 4, 2021 | Comments Off on NAPO Stamp of Approval

“NAPO, as a professional association, supports its members through every stage of their business. The new NAPO Stamp of Approval Program has been created to identify established businesses that embrace and meet basic organizational standards and are in good standing in their jurisdictions. All businesses, both new or established, that meet the program standards are…

Children of Hoarders by Fugen Neziroglu

By Lauren Williams | December 30, 2020 | Comments Off on Children of Hoarders by Fugen Neziroglu

Dr. Fugen Neziroglu, a world-renowned clinician for the treatment of hoarding disorder through her clinic the BioBehavioral Institute in Great Neck, NY, is the author of numerous research papers, several books and a thought-provoking public speaker. I’ve reviewed her book Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding: Why You Save & How You Can Stop in another post. I’ve…

It came without ribbons.

By Lauren Williams | December 26, 2020 | Comments Off on It came without ribbons.

“It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags.” Watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas was a family tradition during this season. I still seek out covers of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” – this version by the Pentatonix is currently my favorite. There were abundant gifts, and…