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I'm giving myself permission to refuse to write every day - too much pressure!!! I'd never enjoy writing again, and I'd bet my audience would start making comparisons between me and a mosquito. I'm told I have a good sense of humor - I know I enjoy finding ways to laugh and to get other people to laugh. Don't take any of it too seriously, except of course the serious stuff. And, after all, everything is about our stuff.  

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Dead Storage, #3 by Mary Feliz

By Lauren Williams | January 31, 2018 | Comments Off on Dead Storage, #3 by Mary Feliz

Ms. Feliz is becoming a more accomplished storyteller with each new work. I did intuit the bad guy, but talked myself out of my hunch because I really couldn’t settle on a favorite among a satisfying range of suspects. I was completely led astray by her red herring. As always, she offered up quirky, well-imagined…

Level I Certificate of Study in Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client – #6 from ICD

By Lauren Williams | January 27, 2018 | Comments Off on Level I Certificate of Study in Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client – #6 from ICD

Level I Certificate of Study in Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client – #6 from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization for continuing education credits as a Certified Professional Organizer. Time to set aside Level I and start on more advanced Level IIs. I’ll be sitting for the first one in May.      

Charitable Choice

By Lauren Williams | January 25, 2018 | Comments Off on Charitable Choice

My elderly cat Snickers died on Saturday 1/20/2018. On Sunday, I brought his things to Homeward Pet, my favorite shelter in Washington, without hesitation, to honor him and quietly make emotional space for a new pet someday. But recently, I had to rescind my recommendation of a non-profit, Missy’s Rescue, because I’d read very troubling…



Last night Tuesday, 1/23/2018, I left a job with my client’s car keys in my coat pocket. And this morning, put my hand in my pocket, found the keys, and of course went racing back to my client to return the keys. Lots of reasons why I made the mistake (the first where I took…

New Institute for Challenging Disorganization Certificate

By Lauren Williams | January 19, 2018 | Comments Off on New Institute for Challenging Disorganization Certificate

I qualified for another Institute for Challenging Disorganization Level I Certificate. Basic Mental Health Conditions and Challenges Affecting the CD Client. Valuable reminders and tools to consider that many life events can contribute to a person’s organizing struggles.  

Endorsement and Non-Profits

By Lauren Williams | January 14, 2018 | Comments Off on Endorsement and Non-Profits

It’s disheartening, but I have to retract my endorsement of a non-profit named Missy’s Rescue because bad press it is receiving is disturbing. The sources of the information are credible, the history of troubling activities dates back 10 years, and for my satisfaction, that’s enough. I have to have only above-reproach recipients for my clients’…

I will speak daggers to her but use none

By Lauren Williams | January 10, 2018 | Comments Off on I will speak daggers to her but use none

Shame lovability disconnection stories failure empathy blame daring dangerous vulnerability violence courage. I’m listening to The Power of Vulnerability, a series of six of Brené Brown’s lectures, in my car. Dr. Brown researches shame and vulnerability. She distills empathy and courage from fearful places in our minds, hearts and souls.  Listening to the recordings is an…


By Lauren Williams | January 9, 2018 | Comments Off on Style

I firmly believe that people who have a strong sense of style, who know how to dress and shop, are less likely to have cluttered closets, because they are less likely to purchase items which don’t flatter them, and less likely to keep items which were mistakes (And who doesn’t make some of those? Blame…

It’s No Longer Looking at All Like Christmas

By Lauren Williams | January 3, 2018 | Comments Off on It’s No Longer Looking at All Like Christmas

Anywhere I go. I was in an I-won’t-name-it grocery (for fear of being sued) at 5:00PM today Wednesday January 3, 2018, shopping for the gazpacho I’m making for a party on Friday – yes, an ice-cold soup in the middle of winter. It still tastes good.   The tables which had held the marked-down-75%-only-seconds-after-midnight-12-31-2017 tinsel,…

Connection and the News

By Lauren Williams | December 31, 2017 | Comments Off on Connection and the News

Why do people stand in the freezing cold in Times Square to celebrate New Year’s? Crowd together for a parade so closely they can hear each other breath? March peacefully, calmly, even if in danger, for a cause? If camaraderie, connection to other people, heightens excitement and hopefulness, may all peaceful events always be filled…