Your Top 10 Objects Your Kids Don’t Want

Professional Organizers see a lot of Stuff. And hear a lot of sentimental arguments about why someone is keeping the Stuff. “My kids may want it someday” may top the list for “Most frequently heard reason for keeping the Stuff.”   In less affluent times, “My kids may want it someday” was prudent. Humans didn’t…

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Angst, software development style

David Innes,, is my webmaster, so I enjoy following his Facebook feed. He recently posted this t-shirt. I don’t think this applies to just software development!! We are all human and we all makes mistakes. And yah, I think this is really funny. Shirts off to ILoveProgramming  at for this one and a bunch…

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Lauren Williams, Casual Uncluttering LLC Celebrating Dreams

Casual Uncluttering Logo

Casual Uncluttering LLC will be a Showcased Business at the Washington Women’s Business Center (WWBC) Premiere Event “Celebrating Dreams“ Thursday May 30, 2019, 6:00PM – 9:00PM at Metropolist 2931 First Avenue South, Suite A, Seattle,WA 98134 Follow the link for tickets! The WWBC, a division of Business Impact NW,  “is committed to providing training and…

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To anyone saying “I can’t even draw a straight line!”

D♠ IT ♣NYW♣Y. Yale researchers have discovered that drawing is a longer-lasting and more broadly-effective memory aid – it works for young and old – than writing things down. Even if you’re dashing off an image in four seconds!! And no matter what you’re trying to remember – a distinct Thing, an abstract thought… SO NOW…

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Not smiling, Girl Scouts.

Frowning, Girl Scouts. I’ve been told by people in the know that you’re retiring Savannah Smiles. My second favorite flavor. Ain’t gonna mention my favorite or I’ll jinx it.   And so, dear readers…     Will Work For Savannah Smiles    

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The confounding case of my confounded coats

Boy Bundled in Jacket

I am easily cold. I explain my ability to be cold as “I start being cold in August and I stop being cold in August.” Which is especially amusing because my son is one of those kids who might wear shorts in February in Maine. I own five coats. In the middle of winter, I…

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I just contributed to an online article about laundry. Taught me some new tricks, and gave me a few good laughs. LOVED “folding forgiveness”!!!   15 Life-Changing Laundry Folding Tips: Make at Least One Chore a Thousand Times Smoother (Literally)” by Sarah Crow, February 19, 2019, BestLife

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Because I did love a good circus

Elephant at Woodland Park Zoo

I can’t always work in the business, sometimes I have to work on the business. My mentor Anne Blumer just published Mastering the Business of Organizing, and I’m methodically working through it, looking for the “Uh, yeah, been letting that slip” checkpoints. She quotes a Reader’s Digest story on her 59th page, attributed to M.…

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