Working with a Teacher

It was a brief but successful journey, captained by Lauren Williams! I had four hours in which to spend on tackling my office space in the classroom. I had moved classrooms at the beginning of the school year, and hit the ground running. I had my own materials to incorporate into what was left by…

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“I can’t make it tomorrow I’m wiped out”

Funniest testimonial I’ve ever gotten – if I ever write a “my-life-as-an-Organizer” book, “I can’t make it tomorrow I’m wiped out” is going to be the title. “Hi Lauren, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you, but I need to cancel tomorrow. I am super sore and beat after today. It was such an accomplishment…

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Testimonials – a good week for them!

It’s been a good week for testimonials. I’m gratified to have had this one posted to Google by Margaret Comstock, an eager and creative client. Most important, I learn something from each of my client’s perspectives of my approach – for example, it always startles me when someone appreciates “tough.” It’s not a word I…

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An extremely satisfying collaboration

I’ve featured Tiffany Swedeen in blog posts before. This was one of my best projects ever: “Living Dirty and Getting Clean” posted to ScrubbedCleanRN 9/23/2018, and pointing, deservedly, to Recover and Rise. “Living Dirty and Getting Clean The clutter, chaos, mementos and memories had been sitting stagnant, waiting their turn to be sifted and sorted. The Garage.…

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Why Hire Professional Organizers? – Client Side

The Client Side – I love this review as advice for anyone thinking of hiring an Organizer, forget whether someone chooses to work with me or not!!! Robin has so perfectly captured how a pro can help, I’m in awe. If the process can’t be fun, it (almost, grin) might not be worth it. Lauren…

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Certified Professional Organizer, Mentoring, Part 2

Certified Professional Organizer Certificate

I’m thrilled to announce that I earned my designation of Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO) from the Board of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) on 7/1/2017. I’m one of only nine CPOs in WA among 318 in the US. Fewer than 10% of all NAPO members have earned this status. I’ve worked…

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Pirates of the Closet – Unburied Treasure

White pearl necklace brown leather background

Why didn’t my husband and I do this years ago? I’ve never been a great housekeeper, but that’s not the issue as I can hire someone to clean and dust. The issue is I became disabled about four years ago and have great difficulty with mobility. We’ve been feeling our home is closing in around…

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Organizing = Archaeology

An April 2016 Yelp review from my wonderful client Pinko G. I like this one because we agree “Organizing = Archaeology.” “Lauren has been a dream. She is casual & yet totally professional. A very intuitive and caring personality too. She came into my bogged down studio apartment and box by box helped me sort…

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