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Your Top 10 Objects Your Kids Don’t Want

Professional Organizers see a lot of Stuff. And hear a lot of sentimental arguments about why someone is keeping the Stuff. “My kids may want it someday” may top the list for “Most frequently heard reason for keeping the Stuff.”   In less affluent times, “My kids may want it someday” was prudent. Humans didn’t…

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To anyone saying “I can’t even draw a straight line!”

D♠ IT ♣NYW♣Y. Yale researchers have discovered that drawing is a longer-lasting and more broadly-effective memory aid – it works for young and old – than writing things down. Even if you’re dashing off an image in four seconds!! And no matter what you’re trying to remember – a distinct Thing, an abstract thought… SO NOW…

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I made a client safer


Professional Organizers don’t come in to a new client’s space and start calculating how many “name the store of your choice” designer baskets to buy. We come in and ask “Do I need to reduce harm?” Our first concern is safety: Can my client get to doors and windows? Do the doors open all the…

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Stuff by Mary Lou Sanelli

I’m a Professional Organizer. And that does not, cannot, and will never mean that I make people get rid of their Stuff. Many many many times more often, it means I help people discover their thoughts and feelings, their values, about their Stuff. Decisions about what to keep, or not, follow from those insights. And,…

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The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook

This is pure serendipity. As I sit down to write this review of the sixth edition of The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook, and pull the book up on Amazon just to check whether it’s the most current, I learn that the seventh will be released on April 1, 2019. So mine is “good enough.”…

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SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life Julie Morgenstern

cluttered room

Ms. Morgenstern has a theory that people with disorganization issues may have developed those habits as emotional responses to particular experiences in their lives.  She coaches her clients to identify those experiences and those responses, to allow her clients to “repurpose” the responses more productively.  She believes there is often positive value, core truths about…

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The confounding case of my confounded coats

Boy Bundled in Jacket

I am easily cold. I explain my ability to be cold as “I start being cold in August and I stop being cold in August.” Which is especially amusing because my son is one of those kids who might wear shorts in February in Maine. I own five coats. In the middle of winter, I…

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Because I did love a good circus

Elephant at Woodland Park Zoo

I can’t always work in the business, sometimes I have to work on the business. My mentor Anne Blumer just published Mastering the Business of Organizing, and I’m methodically working through it, looking for the “Uh, yeah, been letting that slip” checkpoints. She quotes a Reader’s Digest story on her 59th page, attributed to M.…

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1-800-Got-Junk is playing a radio ad about the weird things its team members haul. The 2017 list is here. The eclectic selections include a large statue of Gentleman Jack of Jack Daniels lineage, TV personality memorabilia, and a small boat. The ad amuses and frustrates me. Yes, the stuff is sometimes unconventional. But in context,…

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