OSL – motto: Only Serving Love. OSL, initially named Operation: Sack Lunch and now known by its initials, is a critical, resourceful, adaptable enterprise bringing nutritious meals to people in need in Seattle. In 2019 that meant

1,255,477 meals.

To children and seniors. To homeless people and shut-ins. Through partnerships in community facilities and at its own dedicated sites as well. OSL needs trucks. And cars. And other stuff. Think about giving them a truck. I wish I could give them a truck.

I learned about this agency purely by chance, glancing through the newsletter of a marketing blogger I follow. I never know whether to be glad I learned something new by chance, or I want to be slightly annoyed that it was only chance, and I didn’t have the wherewithal to somehow know everything, everywhere, always. Ah well.

Still life with lemons

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