I’ve read the last of Mary Jane Maffini’s Charlotte Adams series: Death Loves a Messy Desk, Closet Confidential, and The Busy Woman’s Guide to Murder. If you enjoy tongue-in-cheek, you will enjoy these. Charlotte Adams is an enduring, endearing nitwit who ought to consider it a wonder she and her friends are still alive after all her blunders – no, that’s not a spoiler!

And here’s the riveting, wholly unpredictable plot twist – I’m going to start recommending these to people who want a gentle glimpse at the organizing process – Maffini’s portrayal is just about as faithful as the “how-to” tomes of the best of us, and more intimate. Someone in terror of calling in an Organizer might find Death Loves a Messy Desk and Closet Confidential in particular to be enlightening. Maffini’s boxes-on-the-ground view is on-target.


Now, me, sample of one in my guise of Casual Uncluttering Organizer-in-Chief, I DO NOT wear high heels and leather jackets on the job, nor do I make lists every night, nor do I shop big-box-store-which-shall-not-be-named on a regular basis just for fun. But Organizers come in all sorts of personalities. You can absolutely find someone to fit your needs. We aren’t even slightly one-size-fits-all.

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