Ms. Feliz is becoming a more accomplished storyteller with each new work. I did intuit the bad guy, but talked myself out of my hunch because I really couldn’t settle on a favorite among a satisfying range of suspects. I was completely led astray by her red herring. As always, she offered up quirky, well-imagined characters, and yet another supporting dog.


My one complaint – there are dropped references. A chance remark about getting out an email, a reference to a conversation, but then those small details don’t always seem to actually make it into the book. I don’t recall if it’s an issue with her earlier works, but it is annoying. I don’t mind if the bad guy arrives Deus ex machina (although Ms. Feliz does NOT resort to this), but keeping potential clues completely behind the curtain??? Uncalled for! I’ll take her editors to task.


What you do when you’re sick enough to stay in bed an entire Saturday…

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