You’ve read my rages at Grey Gardens documentaries in other posts. Battling cabin fever, I just caught HBO’s 2009 Grey Gardens starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. It’s fantastic, an exact counterweight to the trash. Michael Sucsy, Director and screenwriter for the film, drew on original sources, such as Little Edie’s journals, to develop a much more complex and understanding view of the damaged, fierce Beale women. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange were both astonishing, absolutely uncanny in portraying the duo. The movie is also a sumptuous evocation of the luxury of 1930s NY high life.

Equally important, Sucsy nonetheless offers an unflinching, realistic presentation of the Grey Gardens squalor: hoarding disorder, if Big and Little Edie suffered from it, distorted their opinions and influenced their actions to their significant harm.

Worth seeing. I found it Free with Amazon Prime. I’m targeting grade-B offerings that way as a covid19 coping mechanism. I won’t list what I’ve watched, but this movie didn’t make the cut.

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