These references are starting points only and are not an endorsement of any particular product, methodology or provider. And I offer my appreciation to my Institute for Challenging Disorganization and National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals colleagues for this compilation as well: many of these references come from them. I also have a YouTube channel for visually- and verbally-oriented resources.

International Resources

Bio-Behavioral Institute
935 Northern Blvd. ~ Suite 102, Great Neck, NY 11021

International OCD Foundation: Hoarding

Institute for Challenging Disorganization
International Pages
2650 S. Hanley Rd, Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63144

National Resources

Washington State Resources

Terina Bainter
Clutter Cutters, LLC

Karen Hallis
Organized Change
POB 1804
Poulsbo, WA 98370-0255

Sheila Perreault
Blue Nest Home, LLC
POB 1242
Silverdale, WA  98383-1242

Sheila Taylor
Clutter Controllers LLC

Lauren Williams
Casual Uncluttering LLC
POB 2448
Woodinville WA 98034

Bio Clean, Inc.

Northwest Relationships/The Hoarding Project
621 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
Tacoma, WA 98402
Fax: 206-299-3272

ServiceMaster Restore

The Pierce County Hoarding Task Force


I recommend

Color to Declutter by Jean Prominski


Terina Bainter, Clutter Cutters, one of the country's most compassionate experts on hoarding disorder and one of my heroes, and I both recommend these books:

Buried In Treasure

Digging Out

Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding

The Secret Lives of Hoarders

Terina also recommends


The Glass Castle


I recommend these movies:

Clutter Here's my review.

Grey Gardens  Read my criticism.

Hello, My Name is Doris  Loved it!

Stuffed, and I've got it analyzed.

My Mother's Garden - this is very difficult to find, but worth the search. I watched it by chance: my opinion is here.

That Summer I had to write talk about it.

The Beales of Grey Gardens This is my review.


TV shows - WITH PREJUDICE - see why I say so here

Confessions: Animal Hoarding


Hoarding: Buried Alive