Hometalk is dangerous. Downright evil. A Vermicious Knid of the Internet, snarfing up the attention of anyone  – or at least me – foolish enough to take a glimpse.


Am I a DIYer? NOT EVEN CLOSE. This NYC kid grew up in apartments, and learned from an early age that janitors are your best friends after dogs, cats, chocolate and ice cream (chocolate, of course.).


But there’s a Walter-Mitty-esque DIYer sheltered in me, woolgathering every time she passes some derelict cottage in Seattle or her favorite yup-I-think-it-might-be-a-hoarding-situation farmhouse in Redmond in her work-related wanderings.

Habitat for Humanity Donation 9-15-2016

My point? Let yourself have dreams.  Give yourself tools to reach for them.

May 2019 let you accomplish some dreams.


I have a colleague who’s restoring a hoarded farmhouse…

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