Anyone who thinks s/he has ADD/ADHD, anyone who knows s/he has ADD/ADHD, and anyone who is close, personally or professionally, with someone who has ADD/ADHD can benefit from You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! by Kate Kelly (deceased) and Peggy Ramundo. It’s a great guide for understanding the possible symptoms and effects of the disorder. It’s a humorous aid for admitting you might be affected by the disorder. It’s a map for getting help and helping yourself. What makes it so valuable is the fact that it’s written by two women who are themselves ADD-abled and who are now life coaches for those living with such differences. And it’s real – these women aren’t always waving pom-poms, claiming the work you’ll have to do, the challenges you face, are not really a big deal. They admit the process of learning to truly live with ADD/ADHD can be frightening and hard. Bu they are convincing that the struggle is worthwhile.

Another reviewer pointed out that the medical sections are outdated. That is a very practical and true observation. But the general point that someone with ADD/ADHD shouldn’t automatically reject medication is nonetheless valid.

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