I abandoned my cherished Safeway Monopoly weeks ago. Asking clerks to endure another exposure to a stranger to hand me tiny blue gambling slips felt petty and selfish. They deserved to reserve their patience and strength for people with genuine check-out problems. Giving up Monopoly – anguishing, and necessary.

jar of moneyThere’s nothing wrong in seeking out the ridiculous for something to laugh about. I’m dancing worse than I ever have. I ran after a gentleman driving a vintage rat rod, yelling my head off to flag him down for a photo of the car – something to share with my son. I’m watching Facebook comedy clips at a shocking rate.

I worked for Publishers Clearing House one college-days summer, opening the sweepstakes entries. People used to include letters with their returns, earnestly explaining why their dire misfortunes meant they deserved the prize. I’m not going that far, but I have hope. The (digital) game isn’t over yet…

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