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Disclosure: I’m announcing a paid affiliate relationship in this post.

I’ve recommended Organize-It for years, after one of my most trusted mentors taught me about this outstanding one-size-really-can-fit-all source for kitchen, garage, closet, laundry, bath, and and and and and….

So I’ll admit I was thrilled when I recently learned that my good deeds could go rewarded. I am comfortable accepting a commission on items which my clients purchase from this store when they click on AND buy something through a link I supply to them – like the links in this post. I like the range of products this company offers and I like its prices. Sometimes I will point a client to the “AH HA, THAT’S IT” solution. Sometimes I suggest they have fun and just explore everything. Sometimes absolutely nothing in this venue will work and my client will never hear of the option. Just depends.

Take a look. There may be something that helps you be more productive, more comfortable or more efficient. None of those is ever bad.

About Lauren Williams

Me, Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer®: I'm a professional organizer who works in homes, home businesses and also small businesses. I'm a NYC native who's spent time in Philadelphia, Palo Alto, Baltimore and now Seattle. All great places, but NYC will always be home, and Seattle will be where I now stay. I help you think outside of the box to get something into the box.