Some calendar systems leave me absolutely bewildered, confounded, flabbergasted, mystified and perplexed. Which is how I know they are probably PERFECT for some of my clients. ThePlanner Pad logo

offers a unique system that helps you organize, prioritize and schedule what matters most to you” in a format that’s as comfortable as my favorite pen. Which is how I know it’ll be perfect for some of my other clients.

The Planner Pad is an intensely detailed tool that makes time “real” by allowing you to write down and therefore visualize your commitments in time’s modern format, hours, 7-day week, 12-month-year. It provides generous options for capturing tasks according to their priorities: the once-a-year prompt to check your smoke detectors, the monthly nudge to apply the cat’s flea meds, the weekly tickler to water the plants, the daily reminder about your son’s school bus schedule. It’s all possible. It’s not “permanent” – you can move the reminder if you forget to water the plants. The Planner Pad also provides support modules – a phone book, sections to jot down notes and ideas, a means to monitor expenses.

And wait – there more! It’s endorsed by Barbara Hemphill, legendary Professional Organizer, author of Taming the Paper Tiger, still one of the best books ever about managing paperwork. That alone convinces me this method is gold.

My one quibble: the Planner’s daily section only runs 7:00AM – 9:00PM. While I appreciate the company’s effort to help me get to sleep at a reasonable hour, there’s no hope whatsoever that my days don’t sometimes start at 3:00AM to fly back to my beloved NYC for vacation, or end at midnight after an emergency work session with a to-be-evicted client. I wish the hourly feature was 24-hour. Ah well, nothing’s perfect.


Planner Pad

Please click on one of the Planner images or the link above if I’ve intrigued you. I’ll get a small commission from a sale. I need coffee for those 3:00AM efforts.

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