Matt Paxton found his life’s calling by chance. But he brings endless passion, compassion, energy, a sharp ability to read people and even enthusiasm to that work – conducting the intensive deep cleanings that the homes of people with hoarding disorder often need in order to be able to reclaim the spaces safely.

This book is an excellent introduction to every aspect of the activity: the typical mindsets of people with hoarding disorder, and ways to approach working with them; potential complications of government or other outside involvement in the case; the “how-to” of the actual cleaning process, and most important, how to allow and encourage family members to get involved in the person with hoarding disorder’s recovery.

OHMIGOSH my professional society, the National Association of Professional Organizers, just published this review in its newsletter. Happy Dance!!!

hoarding situation before


Hoarding situation after


Reading list for my upcoming CPO exam.

The photos are from a hoarding situation I helped clear. This was “my” room.

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