I’m unhappy that I didn’t post this review in August 2015, when I first stumbled on the book in a thrift shop. The review only went up on Amazon, grrrrr. Better late than never? It offers techniques for helping children with Sensory Processing Disorder stay organized. Someone in my family has Sensory Processing Disorder, which gave me a foundation to evaluate this book as much as my professional experience helped.


The Sensory Child Gets Organized: Proven Systems for Rigid, Anxious, or Distracted Kids

Ms. Dalgliesh does an excellent job of bringing together her own experience, the experiences of her clients, and the teachings of many well-known experts to create this practical, compassionate source for strategies to help children cope with sensory issues. She provides a strong foundation for moving beyond surviving the immediate crises into longer-term planning. She does emphasize methodologies for children with strong visual learning capability. I would be thrilled to see her expand her work to offer more systems for all learning styles, from auditory to kinesthetic.

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