As simple as your CBAs – procrastination

Someday I will take boundless joy in paying someone who likes to clean houses to clean my house. Win – win – win. Toss in a couple more wins for good measure, we’ll call it a Baker’s Dozen. Until I win the Safeway Monopoly millions or the book I’m gonna write becomes a best-seller, I clean my house.

It’s not an unbearable task. I can do it with colorful Nu Yawk grumbling. But why not make it easier?

All definitions from Merriam-Webster online


1: to think about carefully: such as
a: to think of especially with regard to taking some action
b: to take into account
2: to regard or treat in an attentive or kindly way
3: to gaze on steadily or reflectively
4: to come to judge or classify
5: regard
6: suppose


1a: to poise or arrange in or as if in balance
b: to bring into harmony or proportion
c: to bring to a state or position of balance
2a (1) accounting: to compute the difference between the debits and credits of (an account)
(2): to pay the amount due on
b  (1): to arrange so that one set of elements exactly equals another
(2) chemistry: to complete (a chemical equation) so that the same number of atoms and electric charges of each kind appears on each side
3a: counterbalance, offset
b: to equal or equalize in weight, number, or proportion
4: to weigh in or as if in a balance


to make fit (as for a new use) often by modification
: to become adapted


For illustration only – how the blip do those ominous words apply to cleaning a kitchen that could be a set for a mad scientist movie?

Planning it out:

what day will work, how much time do I estimate it will take? Gather the supplies I’ll need. Is there a particular need – like the time an entire 2-gallon jug of sun tea leaked in the refrigerator?



the day of – do I have the energy after all, or am I coughing with a sepulchral depth that reminds me of my son’s croup? If I haven’t got such a terrific excuse, how do I divide up the work efficiently, what’s my timeline, my process? For example, I always pair dishwashing and laundry, because my laundry room and kitchen are side-by-side. Start a load of laundry; empty the dishwasher of clean stuff; fill it with dirty stuff; just about then, empty the laundry into the dryer; start the dishwasher; at the end of the first dryer cycle (I often need three, grrrrr), start the next load of laundry.  And while all this is churning, I can be wiping down the microwave or clearing out the oven.



While cleaning, I cut my thumb on something and really can’t go on without bleeding all over the place. Shrug my shoulders, finish only the absolute necessary minimum of the task: still gotta get laundry from washer to dryer; still gotta get some soap off a counter; still gotta put the dirty rags back in storage to get washed. Find something else to do. Hey, I think I’ll write a blog. I can type without a thumb.


PS – this is all nonsense. It’s true, but from weeks ago and I never finished writing up the idea. So today, it’s just frustrated procrastination because I can’t get at a website I administer for friends. Damn you, website hosting company I won’t name. And PPS – procrastination isn’t automatically bad.

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