I’m spending down the strawberry jello, checking a couple of boxes off my anti-shopping list. There’ll be bittersweet embarrassment if I ever find out I’ve accidentally taken someone else’s idea: bitter because I’m proud of the idea, sweet because it’ll mean I read so many darn organizing books I can’t keep up with all my sources.

strawberry jello

So what’s the anti-shopping list? Once upon a time, my son’s elementary school teacher needed strawberry jello for a class project. Dutiful Mom, I bought a lot of strawberry jello. And the project was promptly cancelled. And so the anti-shopping list: under my actual shopping list – need milk, eggs, dishwashing soap – there’s the anti-shopping list. I made a note that on xx/xx/xxxx, I had 24 boxes of strawberry jello. When I use up a couple, hey, that list goes down by two and I cross off that old date and write in the date I indulged in strawberry jello. Someday, I won’t have any more strawberry jello, and I can put it back on my shopping list. Maybe.

The anti-shopping list works for anything: printer paper, laundry detergent, tubes of glitter. Try it. And for those of you wondering how old the jello is – Nope, not going there.

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