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Recycling Event – Kent

Saturday, October 19, 2019 9:00AM – 3:00PM Hogan Park 24400 Russell Road Kent, WA 98032 Accepted Items: See flyer for full details Scrap Metal Propane Tanks Appliances CFC Appliances – Refrigerators, Freezers, AC Units Mattresses Shredding Bulky Yard Debris Batteries Tires Styrofoam Electronics (No TV’s or monitors – visit e-cycle Washington for more details) Cardboard Reusable Household…

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Curious for more resources? – YouTube additions

Man wearing blindfold

Nothing like a rabbit hole for whiling away a wet, cold afternoon. Ever since attending the CHADD lecture on assistive technology, I’ve been curious to see what I could add to Casual Uncluttering offerings. There’s lots online about assistive and adaptive technologies. I’ve added a bunch of pointers to my YouTube channel. There’s a bit…

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How to Organize Your Bedroom Fast-Even in 15 Minutes

toddler boots

Another fun little blog which features an opinion of mine – How to Organize Your Bedroom Fast-Even in 15 Minutes June 25, 2019 by Whitney Coy for Just in time for the holidays. C’mon, despite Whitney Coy’s first paragraph, you know where all the guests’ coats are going for the party… “When you focus…

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Planner Pad organizing/calendar system- new paid affiliation

Some calendar systems leave me absolutely bewildered, confounded, flabbergasted, mystified and perplexed. Which is how I know they are probably PERFECT for some of my clients. The “offers a unique system that helps you organize, prioritize and schedule what matters most to you” in a format that’s as comfortable as my favorite pen. Which is…

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I’m SO glad I joined CHADD


I’m a data geek. Give me an excuse to study something for hours, I will. That’s not why I joined CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD). I joined CHADD to meet people. Shortsighted me! CHADD, with a mission of improving the lives of people affected by ADD, is many many facets more valuable than that.…

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Mental Health First Aid – Thank you Australia

Mental Health First Aid International is an even better import than koalas. The following paragraphs are from its website: “An evidence-based program,” “an 8-hour course that teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. The training gives you the skills you need to reach out and…

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Just another day at a garage

Casual Uncluttering in garage

Day 1 of a major decluttering and organizing for Christian Pincock and Mark Chavez. Even though they did a decluttering a month ago look at all the trash and donation items they identified just from the garage in two hours. “We’re taking this room by room and targeting to finish the entire house by Christmas…

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A Debt to Pay Forward – An Organizer’s Tale of Woe

If anyone ever tries to tell you that I, Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer(R), Founder and Owner of Casual Uncluttering LLC, am always organized – he’s lying. And so begins my yarn, and earns me a debt to pay forward. My son is a teenager. My sister warned me that I wouldn’t be able to…

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How to Say It to Seniors – David Solie

How to Say it to Seniors: Closing the Communication Gap with Our Elders by David Solie is one of the required reading books on the Institute for Challenging Disorganization‘s list for its Level II Aging Specialist Certificate. Mr. Solie teaches us how to finetune our conversational style to match the unique, long-term perspective of Seniors.…

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