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#SmallisMighty Casual Uncluttering LLC – tiny!

Lauren Williams Casual Uncluttering LLC June 27, 2016

I’m watching the #SmallisMighty campaign on LinkedIn, in celebration of National Small Business Week. LinkedIn proclaims: “Happy National Small Business Week! All week long, we’ll be celebrating the power of small businesses. What ‘mighty moments’ has your business had? Share your story on LinkedIn with the hashtag hashtag#SmallisMighty and tag anyone who helped along the…

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Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool goes Casual

toddler boots

I’m overjoyed to announce that Queen Anne Cooperative Preschool (QACP) and I will be shaking off the dust, clearing a tiny cobweb or two, rescuing all the Tonkas without wheels and generally calming the tantrums an accumulation of 36 years of well-loved children’s, parents’ and teachers’ stuff can cause in a space. I’m honored with…

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Working with a Teacher – Report Card 4-30-2019

4/30/2019 I’ve been meaning to contact you every day since we’ve been back from spring break. I’ve kept the desk clear, except when it’s being used for the intended use. The filing is working out great! When I come back from meetings, I know exactly where every piece of paper or document should go! What…

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Casual Uncluttering LLC because

A Designer’s Top 10 Tips for Increasing Home Value Gillian Lazanik, a Houzz Contributor, lists “Hire a Professional Organizer” as her 9th tip in the April 18, 2019 article I link to above (and thanks to my colleague Anne Blumer for leading me to it!). All of the tips are worth noting and this is…

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Your Top 10 Objects Your Kids Don’t Want

Professional Organizers see a lot of Stuff. And hear a lot of sentimental arguments about why someone is keeping the Stuff. “My kids may want it someday” may top the list for “Most frequently heard reason for keeping the Stuff.”   In less affluent times, “My kids may want it someday” was prudent. Humans didn’t…

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Stuff by Mary Lou Sanelli

I’m a Professional Organizer. And that does not, cannot, and will never mean that I make people get rid of their Stuff. Many many many times more often, it means I help people discover their thoughts and feelings, their values, about their Stuff. Decisions about what to keep, or not, follow from those insights. And,…

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SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life Julie Morgenstern

cluttered room

Ms. Morgenstern has a theory that people with disorganization issues may have developed those habits as emotional responses to particular experiences in their lives.  She coaches her clients to identify those experiences and those responses, to allow her clients to “repurpose” the responses more productively.  She believes there is often positive value, core truths about…

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Marie Kondo, a peer-reviewed compendium

I make no secret of disliking Marie Kondo. I’m gonna link to proof here and here. And I watch very little television these days, follow the news through secondary sources (Facebook, the Weather Channel) and trace it back to primary sources (The New York Times, Washington Post, reputable websites, etc.) as needed. It’s not ignorance,…

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jar of money

Canadian Man Finds 1.75 Million Lottery Ticket in Old Jacket Newsweek, U.S. Section 10/7/2018 by Tom Porter at 9:40AM.  IF THIS DOESN’T MOTIVATE YOU TO DECLUTTER, NOTHING WILL. “A Canadian man made a life-changing discovery when cleaning out his closet. Gregorio De Santis of Montreal was getting ready to take some clothes from the closet to a…

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