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How to Organize Your Bedroom Fast-Even in 15 Minutes

toddler boots

Another fun little blog which features an opinion of mine – How to Organize Your Bedroom Fast-Even in 15 Minutes June 25, 2019 by Whitney Coy for Just in time for the holidays. C’mon, despite Whitney Coy’s first paragraph, you know where all the guests’ coats are going for the party… “When you focus…

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Age in Place by Lynda G. Shrager – MUST-READ

I’m preparing for the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) Level II Aging Specialist Certificate. I found Age in Place: A Guide to Modifying, Organizing, and Decluttering Mom and Dad’s Home by Lynda G. Shrager while I was looking for another book entirely. That was my momentous good fortune. I think so highly of this book…

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A Debt to Pay Forward – An Organizer’s Tale of Woe

If anyone ever tries to tell you that I, Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer(R), Founder and Owner of Casual Uncluttering LLC, am always organized – he’s lying. And so begins my yarn, and earns me a debt to pay forward. My son is a teenager. My sister warned me that I wouldn’t be able to…

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Professional Organizers remind themselves, often and steadfastly, that we can’t want change for our clients more than our clients want change for themselves. We can’t force them to adopt new habits, mindsets, preferences or even a new kind of file folder. And that’s imperative – change is always something which each of us needs to…

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I made a client safer


Professional Organizers don’t come in to a new client’s space and start calculating how many “name the store of your choice” designer baskets to buy. We come in and ask “Do I need to reduce harm?” Our first concern is safety: Can my client get to doors and windows? Do the doors open all the…

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Composting – Mother Nature Cultivates Recycling

Many Professional Organizers, myself included, try to be conscientious about recycling. For some of our clients, recycling is imperative, and it is critical that Organizers help them for those clients to make progress. There are even an increasing number of Organizers who deliberately incorporate eco-organizing into their methodologies. This quote from the NAPO Eco-Organizing Special…

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Stuff by Mary Lou Sanelli

I’m a Professional Organizer. And that does not, cannot, and will never mean that I make people get rid of their Stuff. Many many many times more often, it means I help people discover their thoughts and feelings, their values, about their Stuff. Decisions about what to keep, or not, follow from those insights. And,…

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