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Take the Long Way Home – My GPS Disagrees

Supertramp says Take the Long Way Home. I’ve got 144,000+ miles on my 2010 RAV4. Good car, I intend to keep the poor dear until its engine falls out on a highway. And I drive ALOT for Casual Uncluttering LLC, anywhere from Marysville to Edmonds to Sultan to… My GPS disagrees.

Until recently, I had my GPS calibrated for “fastest time.” I’ve recently switched to “shortest distance,” on the for-all-I-know-mistaken theory that fewer miles on the behemoth might save some wear-and-tear. When I did the research, “fastest time” only reduces travel time about five minutes on average as far as I can tell.  So what the heck, worth a try. Especially since “shortest distance” avoids highways, i.e. the worst pile-ups, stand-stills, and tolls. Icing on the cake.


The undeniable, immediate, I would-never-have-guessed sprinkles on top of the icing? Scenery. Houses with pretty little gardens, more glimpses of the lakes, unexpected eagles, Nardoland in Snohomish. I’ve been noticeably more relaxed in the last two weeks.


I may never go “fastest time” again.

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