It’s been a good week for testimonials. I’m gratified to have had this one posted to Google by Margaret Comstock, an eager and creative client. Most important, I learn something from each of my client’s perspectives of my approach – for example, it always startles me when someone appreciates “tough.” It’s not a word I associate with this profession, despite the fact that it can be a necessary mental orientation.


“When I retired, I told everyone I was going to “clean my house,” starting with my office, and in my office, particularly my desk. Even after spending lots of time organizing this and that on it, I still had one corner that had not seen the light of day for a decade. Lauren spent three hours with me clearing that corner. Her next meeting with me, we worked on clearing out boxes on the floor. For three hours, we got to the bottom of containers that I had put in the office on the floor “temporarily,” but ended up being there for about five years. Again, after clearing a few things out of them now and then, I could not get to the bottom. Those containers are now gone. Lauren does not just help to get things organized, she teaches a clearing process in a caring, compassionate way. For a long time, I have had nightmares about trying to clean my office, feeling anxious about the fact that I was failing in that regard. I have miles to go, but I can keep working on it, and I know that if I get stuck, I can always call her for help. Lauren is fun to work with, knows when to be “tough” and when to be gentle. For anyone who suffers from the cluttering syndrome, I highly recommend her. She will help you get unstuck and leave you feeling good about yourself. Margaret Comstock”

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Me, Lauren Williams, Certified Professional Organizer®: I'm a professional organizer who works in homes, home businesses and also small businesses. I'm a NYC native who's spent time in Philadelphia, Palo Alto, Baltimore and now Seattle. All great places, but NYC will always be home, and Seattle will be where I now stay. I help you think outside of the box to get something into the box.