How’s this for the ultimate reduce, reuse, recycle? Take a tour of a recycling plant! I had no idea this was possible. My thanks to The Woodinville Weekly, for its February 4, 2019 page 5 article, “What happens after the bin? Behind the scenes at the Recycling Center” giving us a glimpse behind-the-bins at Waste Management‘s Cascade Recycling Center in Woodinville.

Hundreds of beer bottles

I inherited these from the sellers of my Maryland home. A recycling nuisance and bother.

Of course, once-upon-a-time professional fact-checker that I was – I’ve worn soooooo many hats – I had to turn around and see if any other companies offer this. And YAY, Recology – one of my favorite companies in the Puget Sound Region, the Habitat for Humanity or Heifer Project of trash – opens its South Seattle facility for “inspection.”


I’m already trying to persuade my colleagues that this would be fun. Hey, we’re the folks who thrill to a behind-the-scenes tour of Goodwill

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