Folks, Safeway Monopoly started on March 3. And I didn’t notice until March 16. Hadn’t put a reminder on my calendar to watch for the first day. Didn’t notice any of the tell-all labels on shelves. Me, the Olympian who’s already posted nine times about this ridiculous obsession of mine. And I don’t want to play this year, don’t want to force grocery clerks to get close to hand me hundreds of paper slips the size of fortune cookie fortunes.


So I won’t play. Next year. This year, I’ll adapt, as we all have, spend more time reading books or walking in my favorite parks and less time getting blue fingers. This turmoil is passing, find a way to remind yourself of that every day, or a way to take a deep breath. Just a few minutes makes a difference. Go to my Neurodiversity Resources page for a few ideas.







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